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Love your pet from the inside out

What it is: the three essentials to keep your pets vibrant and full of life 

Why it's special:

  • Frolic (joint health): Lubricates and rebuilds joints. It contains human-grade glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, delivered in a mouth-watering bacon flavor chewable tablet.  
  • Flora (pre & probiotics): Promotes a healthy gut and strenghtens the immune system with 10 billion CFU and 7 strains of live probiotic organisms. Even better, it also contains prebiotics to help probiotic growth in the guts. 
  • Shine (omega-3s): Brings a shiny and healthy coat and skin with wild-caught fish oil containing 718mg of omega-3 acids. 
  • Save Money: You're saving 15% by getting the Bundle compared to getting individual products. 

For use in dogs and cats only


Please refer to individual products for ingredients.
For Cats & Dogs
Human-grade ingredients
FDA-regulated facility
Made in USA
$49.99 $57.97

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Works amazing!

I have been giving my babies Pebble supplements for almost a year now and they both love it. They are both thriving and happy puppies!

My dogs love these supplements

I have 4 dogs so I wanted supplements I could give all of them without breaking the bank. They love the taste and are all doing really well on them. I keep the supplements near the food bowls so I never forget to add them. My oldest girl is almost 8 and is still running around with the young dogs like she’s a puppy too lol

Great Product, Conscientious Company!

Thank you! I appreciate so much that you help keep my girls, Maisy and Indie healthy by creating great products at a reasonable price! Just took Indie for her yearly health checkup. The vet was thrilled with how healthy she is. She commented several times about how beautiful her coat is. Indie has hip dysplasia...you’d never know by the way she races around with Maisy!
Don’t know what’s in those pills. I just drop them in my girls’ food. They lick their dish clean! Couldn’t be easier!

We are happy pups!

Our 14 year old mini schnauzer pup was started on Pebble supplements while being fostered at the rescue, and we can't believe how much energy he has since taking them regularly! His arthritis hardly seems to bother him, his poos are regular, and his coat is nice and shiny (and his skin isn't totally dry which is common for schnauzers!). We are really happy with how these supplements are supporting him in his later years, we're in the business of keeping him comfy and happy and Pebble is really helping with this!

Wonderful supplements!!!

My older dogs are thriving! Never have their steps been livelier or their coats as shiny... thanks, Pebbles Naturals!!!


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