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Love your pet from the inside out

What it is: the three essentials to keep your pets vibrant and full of life 

Why it's special:

  • Frolic (joint health): Lubricates and rebuilds joints. It contains human-grade glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, delivered in a mouth-watering bacon flavor chewable tablet.  
  • Flora (pre & probiotics): Promotes a healthy gut and strenghtens the immune system with 10 billion CFU and 7 strains of live probiotic organisms. Even better, it also contains prebiotics to help probiotic growth in the guts. 
  • Shine (omega-3s): Brings a shiny and healthy coat and skin with wild-caught fish oil containing 718mg of omega-3 acids. 
  • Save Money: You're saving 15% by getting the Bundle compared to getting individual products. 

For use in dogs and cats only


Please refer to individual products for ingredients.
For Cats & Dogs
Human-grade ingredients
FDA-regulated facility
Made in USA
$49.99 $57.97

Customer Reviews

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Love these products

I received a bottle of Shine, Flora and Frolic when I adopted my Senior pup from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in Aug 2021. When I got him, my boy's coat was dull and he had very flaky skin. I kept him on all 3 products and noticed an improvement in all of the areas, targeted by each product. I've re-ordered all 3 items again, and now give them to my other pups too. I use the Shine for my other senior, who has allergies. I give the Flora when I notice one of my pups with not-so-normal poo. It seems to clear up any GI issues right away. I give the Frolic to all 3 of my senior dogs. I notice that they all have more pep in their step, especially my 14 yo from Muttville. When he came, he moved very slowly and a few times was even unable to hold his own body up, when he was eliminating. Now, he trots and keeps up w/ my younger dogs. I highly recommend Pebble Naturals!! And they come beautifully boxed with terrific explanations about each product. A box set would make a perfect gift for any dog lover!!

Thriving senior

We haven’t used Shine yet but we’re loving Frolic! Flora has been good too. My 9-year-old 14lb dog (25% poodle, 25% Pekingese, 50% mixed) recently became hesitant to jump up to some of his favorite spots. We started frolic a few weeks ago and have already noticed a big difference. He has more energy, is more playful and hasn’t hesitated to jump in weeks! Also love that he thinks it’s a treat and will eat it plain, no pill pockets.

Brenda M.
All very helpful

While it is difficult to evaluate the value of this kind of product, my senior dog is thriving. He's a Lhasa Apso, 11 years old and has been with me 7 months now, He still has some behavior problems unrelated, but he's anxious to get out and walk twice a day. My least favorite is Shine, which may be helping his coat, but I'm not fond of the odor, and getting it open can be messy. Now if he would just let me get rid of some this hair!

alicia srnka

My Muttville dog Daisy Gold is doing well on these supplements. I think the bundle is a good value and I'm
happy that these products are high quality and made in the US.

Kathleen Gibson
Great bundle

I haven’t used all of the products in the bundle but I really like the Shine. Easy to give capsules.


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