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Love your pet from the inside out

What it is: the three essentials to keep your pets vibrant and full of life 

Why it's special:

  • Frolic (joint health): Lubricates and rebuilds joints. It contains human-grade glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, delivered in a mouth-watering bacon flavor chewable tablet.  
  • Flora (pre & probiotics): Promotes a healthy gut and strenghtens the immune system with 10 billion CFU and 7 strains of live probiotic organisms. Even better, it also contains prebiotics to help probiotic growth in the guts. 
  • Shine (omega-3s): Brings a shiny and healthy coat and skin with wild-caught fish oil containing 718mg of omega-3 acids. 
  • Save Money: You're saving 15% by getting the Bundle compared to getting individual products. 

For use in dogs and cats only


Please refer to individual products for ingredients.
For Cats & Dogs
Human-grade ingredients
FDA-regulated facility
Made in USA
$49.99 $57.97

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
VERY Happy Pups & Pawrent!!!

Tried Pebble Naturals about a year ago, and my 2 seniors have never been healthier or happier! Their coats glisten, they move with greater ease (no more stiffness upon waking) and for my one pup, no more stomach rumbling/soft poop. Itchy coats are a thing of the past. We are lifelong devotees! Thanks for AWESOME and very reasonably priced supplements!!! Love, Rocky and Haley 🐾

Debra Noakes
the best bundle

We have been using all three supplements for a while now and have seen results overall. Better poops, healthier coat, and an easier time jumping up onto the couch. Bloodwork results proved that the fish oil truly helps my dog with kidney disease. Shipping time was also great each time I ordered with it arriving ahead of estimated shipping time! The customer service is also unbeatable with being so kind, understandable, and with quick responses. The price of these together in a bundle is unbeatable.

Solid poops and smooth skin!

My older pug mix struggles with yeast infections that make his skin bumpy and itchy, and trigger ear infections. He also often has a rumbly tummy and soft serve poops (think the poop emoji). I started sprinkling the probiotic over his food about 6 months ago and he has not had a flare up since, and his poops have become much more solid! It’s worked so well that I just bought the bundle so I can try the other products. We love pebble!

Lisa Portillo
Super supplements for my Senior!

I first starting using Pebble supplements when I was given them from the rescue I was fostering for. My foster dog's coat was in horrible shape, she was missing a lot of fur. After a couple of months of taking the Shine capsules, her fur was almost all of the way grown back! I have since adopted her and she continues to get all 3 of the Pebble supplements and not only does she not mind eating them, but she's in great shape in part because of these. She also has a heart murmur and arthritis and I definitely believe that her daily supplements keeps her health conditions in check. I've since given them to my other fosters and my sister's pets too! Would definitely recommend! The photo of her standing was when she was at the rescue - you can see partial of her missing fur. The photo of her on pool lounge is this summer - her health and coat are much improved.

Ravi Gopaul
Love it

An affordable way to help my pet. My 12 yo lab is seeing results from my bundle purchased. There’s a shiner coat, less joint pain and I feel better overall knowing that I’m giving her a probiotic that helping her. I don’t even need to break the pills as she eats everything. Thank you


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